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Decides Munich city hall SPD for Linux [ update ]

The SPD parliamentary group in Munich city halls expressed itself in its current meeting for the use of Linux on the PCS of the city administration. Thus is the preliminary decision please, divide press speakers Juergen Buehl with: The residents of Munich city administration migrates from Windows NT on Linux as Client operating system and a Office package from the open SOURCE range.

Also the Munich Greens have themselves today in a parliamentary group meeting for transferred to Linux decided. The decision is unanimously pleases, is called it in a report. Boris Schwartz, deputy leader of the parliamentary group, takes position: "the decision Munich town councillor per Linux into the monopoly-like position of Microsoft will strike a breach. With the city Munich decides for the first time a large German municipality for open SOURCE often commodity. Beside larger economy for the city this is also a contribution for genuine competition on the market for software."

That transferred to Linux guarantees larger producer-independentness and more "flexibility with the organization of the future IT landscape of the city administration", is called it at the SPD in addition comes that clearly smaller costs result. This is supported in view of the strained budgets of the state capital an aspect, "the strategic-qualitative advantages", is called it in the report from Munich.

Town councillor Christine Strobl, deputy leaders of the parliamentary group and SPD spokeswoman in the personal and administrative committee, means: "simultaneous provide we for the further shaping of the technology location Munich. Because for development and support in the context of the conversion the city achievements will buy. Thus we promote high-quality jobs in the region. The company of the migration underlines the outstanding position of the science location Munich by the technical university." Similarly town councillor Jens Muehlhaus of the Greens argues: "the IT location Munich will be strengthened with the resolution, because the conversion to Linux will involve urban orders and qualified jobs in such a way to create."

The migration of the 14,000 PC systems and Notebooks also over 16.000 users is to take place "gently". In particular Referate with extensive specialized's applications are to be able to plan so on a long-term basis. The final decision meets the town councillor in the plenary assembly on 28 May for over one year has the SPD there 35 of 80 seats , the CSU 30, the Greens 8 and the FDP 3. To other parties the remaining four seats are void.

"we are fully conscious to us over it that our decision signal effect has", means Strobl. "therefore we sat down apart intensively with the subject." The advisor company university log evaluated first the improved Microsoft offer as more favourable . But it gave still unsettled questions and finally a new offer of IBM was present.

The renewed total evaluation from present value and qualitative-strategic criteria led to the resembling and between both solution variants, continues to mean the town councillor. Since the combination Linux and open SOURCE Office has "qualitative-strategically clearly the nose in front, the SPD parliamentary group decided for this alternative as long-term switch position". ( anw /c't)

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